ChampAmerica got me connected to many senior professionals in the financial industry. Through coaching sessions and social events held by Champion America, I got chances to know very senior people working as VP, ED or MD in global investment banks. They taught me a lot by telling me their job hunting stories and career paths. Besides, some of my coaches referred me to places they had worked, giving me bigger chances to get interview invitations. As we know, who you know can be more important than what you know when applying for jobs in the United States. From my point of view, the connections I got from ChampAmerica are valuable resources not only for this stage, but also for my future career path

In addition, mock interviews I took with my coaches were indispensable for me to ace the real ones. My coaches, very experienced in interviewing and selecting candidates, are all highly responsible. They wrote me very detailed feedback after each mock interview session. One big progress I made was to improve my storytelling skills. I used to either giving extensive details or rambling on my topic a lot, which usually made listeners bored and impatient. By taking advice from my coaches and practicing, I learned how to express my stories concisely and to the point.

Apart from this, I learned how to answer tricky questions candidates often encountered in interviews. When I tried to answer the question – what is your biggest weakness, the answer ‘I cannot prioritize my tasks very well’ jumped into my mind. However, my coaches recommended me to avoiding mentioning such detrimental weaknesses and helped me pick up some point that would work better. In my opinion, my coaches helped me to improve my interview skills to a level that is hard to achieve by myself. 

Above all, Heather and her coach team in ChampAmerica are great! Do not miss out the opportunities to know them and improve yourselves!

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