Success Stories

Coaching Program Candidates

Hilary testimonial photo - ChampAmerica


Works at PWC Consulting as an
Actuary Associate
Graduated from the
University of Connecticut

“The coaches at ChampAmerica gave me the most important thing that you need in this job market – confidence. Confidence comes from knowing yourself and what the recruiters are looking for, and it also comes from knowing the proper etiquette for interviews and networking events. With the tools I obtained from the coaches at ChampAmerica, I knew I nailed the interview and I surely, I got the call from the recruiters with the good news!”

Daniel testimonial photo - ChampAmerica


Interned at Citigroup​
School: Columbia University

“Through the expert coaching of ChampAmerica, I got an internship with Citigroup’s Risk Management Program.  The coaches at ChampAmerica helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, so that I can continue to build upon my strengths and address my weaknesses.  The mock interviews were spot on given the depth of risk management knowledge and vast connections at ChampAmerica”.  


Works at TradeLink Securities as a Trading Associate
Graduated from the 
Illinois Institute of Technology

“ChampAmerica focuses on each individual student by offering students with customized coaching plan. From the pre-session survey to each coaching session, the coaches help you dig deep into your stories, challenge you to think the big picture, and build a strong personal brand. I strongly recommend them to international students who do not have US work experience or find it culturally challenging.”


Works at National Educational Association as a Statistician
Graduated from Rutgers University

“I dropped hundreds, if not thousands of resume online, but never did any of these applications resulted in a job offer. At ChampAmerica, the coaches not only helped me identified issues with my resume and interviews, but helped me planned and executed my networking strategy.  They were there along the way to provide timely assistance, and this is why I found my dream job as a statistician.”


Currently works at Barclays as a Macroeconomics Research Intern
School: Columbia University

“Coaches from ChampAmerica taught me how to present myself to match the needs of employers. They guided me to position myself in the job market and synthesize my unique selling point. During my interview, I could perfectly demonstrate how my skills and background are what employers were looking for in their new hires. “


Graduated from University of Delaware
Works at Quantifi as a Financial Software Developer 

“I came to ChampAmerica when I had been rejected by all graduate school I applied before. And I was on a very tight schedule to find a job as I would be graduating within the next few months. I join the resume and interview program, after the first few sessions of resume revision sessions, I soon receive a job interview and then a job offer.”


Currently works at Guy Carpenter as a Portfolio Quantitative Analyst
School: Columbia University

“Before joining ChampAmerica, I received very few interview invitations. Through resume revision sessions with coaches and referral opportunities, I began to see increased  interview invitations. From the accumulation of interviews I received through this experience, I gradually built my confidence, honed my interviewing skills, and finally received a job offer.”


Works at Makosi, a global financial consulting firm head-quartered in NYC​
Graduated from SUNY Stony Brook

“I went to a state university and did not have any significant work experience prior to graduation.  Through the connections of ChampAmerica, I was able to get an interview with Makosi, a global financial consulting firm. The coaches at ChampAmerica further helped me revamp my entire resume and created the most effective interview strategy for the financial consulting industry.  I was hired by Makosi as a full time Associate and now they are sponsoring my green card application. I greatly enjoy the opportunity to learn and help our clients.”


Graduated from Rutgers University
Works at ZT systems as a Manufacturing Engineer

“As a transfer student from Kansas State, I struggled to build new network when I first came to New York. Through ChampAmerica’s career network, I got a chance to learn more insights about different industries. Along with my job seeking journey, I stumbled from failure of my own business, and finally join a team that fits my interest and career goals.”

Internship & Event Candidates


School: NYU Quantitative Finance
Internship: Quantitative Risk Management with a leading insurance company

I was fortunate enough to meet with Heather and to learn about ChampAmerica during the summer before starting graduate school. For an international student, looking for an internship in the United States, especially on Wall Street, is scary. Fortunately, with help from Heather and her coach team, I successfully secured an internship in a leading insurance company on the Street.


School: Cornell
Internship:  Windbeam Risk Analytics, LLC

Today marks the end of my internship with Windbeam Risk Analytics, LLC. In the past six weeks, I have learned so much about risk management, finance, professional career development and life in general from my coaches and fellow interns.


School: Columbia university
Internship:  Windbeam Risk Analytics, LLC