Total Career Launch

Total Career Launch


Fast track recruiting readiness!

You will identify your career goals, build a strong resume and cover letter, and master key interview skills that are aligned with your industry. You will also work with senior professional coaches at ChampAmerica during mock interviews and learn how to network and expand your connections.



What’s included:

Strategic Career Planning: A 60-minute Career Aptitude Assessment result analysis, career path suggestions, skill gap analysis, and goal setting
Six (6) 60-minute sessions that cover the following:
Revamp your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile
Behavioral and technical interview coaching: develop clear and concise stories, learn to effectively deliver those stories, and connect with your interviewer
Networking skills: identify targets, craft effective messages, and create a follow-up plan
Mock Interview session with current senior industry professionals followed by feedback for future enhancements
Access to ChampAmerica’s proprietary coaching materials (video classes, webinars, and additional workshops)
Email/wechat/phone Q&A with coaches

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