Direct Path to Internship

Direct Path to Internship


Secure the right internship that propel your career forward!

Securing the right internship is key to gaining on-the-job training, expanding your professional network, and ultimately landing the job that will propel your career. ChampAmerica collaborates with 100+ employers with real internship opportunities. After enrollment, we will help match your skills and interests with the right job/employer. Throughout your internship we help guide the learning process to ensure maximum learning through the opportunity



What’s Included:

  • Strategic Career Planning: A 60-minute Career Aptitude Assessment result analysis, career track suggestions, gap analysis, and goal setting
  • One guaranteed internship opportunity with a U.S.-based company that aligns with your career goals and skill set (4-8 weeks, depending on employer needs). We provide you with guidance throughout the entire internship process, and communicate with your employer to help you continually improve your performance
  • Eighteen(18) 60-minute sessions that cover the following topics:
    • Resume/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Profile Refinement: revamp your key job search materials to better align you with your career goals
    • Behavioral and technical interview coaching: develop clear and concise stories, deliver stories effectively, and cover key technical questions regarding the selected industry
    • Networking Skills Training: we help you expand your professional network and practice your communication skills by attending real networking events alongside you
    • Mock Interview sessions: mock interview(s) with current senior industry professionals followed by immediate feedback
    • Professional etiquette training and accent reduction: work with our top-rated language coach to improve your English articulation and business presentation
    • Pre-employment Coaching and Salary & Visa Negotiation: we help you finalize the key details of your employment prior to accepting an offer
    • Reference letter: available based upon performance


  • In addition, you will have access to:
    • ChampAmerica’s proprietary coaching materials online (e-learning courses, webinars, and workshops)
    • Email/wechat/phone Q&A with coaches
    • Interview Email/Networking Message Templates
    • Exclusive Conferences and Workshops
    • Exclusive Social Networking Events
    • Industry Specific Career Online Sessions

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