Career Quick Launch

Career Quick Launch


A resume is a narrative-based introduction to a prospective employer that outlines your interest in the position, the organization, and why you are qualified for that job. Our one-time resume editing session is to provide a snapshot of your education, skills, experiences, and accomplishments in a timely manner.



What’s Included:

  • Pre-Session Assignment:
    • Send us your resume and a brief description of your career goals
  • Job Assessment:
    • We work with you to assess the job you applied for or will apply for (a job description will be helpful)
  • Resume Revamp:
    • Your resume will be revamped in 2 business days with areas of concentration:
      • Keyword Optimization
      • Coherent Career Story
      • Boosts Key Technical Skills and Relevant Experience
      • Highlights Transferable Skills and Tailors to Job Requirements
  • Post-Session Service:
    • We will work with you on follow up questions and clarifications within the next 3 business days