The Art of Storytelling for Interviews

The Art of Storytelling for Interviews


  • During job interviews, most applicants simply answer questions by summarizing their education, job history, and current situation – all information that the interviewer already knows from reading their resumes. How boring and what a waste of time!
  •  Good storytelling can make a huge difference. It is not only a way to brand yourself, but also a great way for you to connect with the hiring manager and be remembered.  This is what distinguishes you from the pool of candidates in the “talent database” – no wonder so many people think storytelling is the “secret weapon” for successful job interviews.
  •  Many international students struggle with storytelling due to language and cultural barriers.  This workshop is specifically designed to help international students understand what good storytelling in the American cultural context looks and sounds like so they can employ it in job interviews. 


  • What is the framework of a good story? (explanation and application of STAR method)
  • What are some important values you should demonstrate in your story?
  • How do you physically deliver a good story? (be authentic, create suspense, have a punchline, and elevate the result)
  • Other considerations for international students (cultural context, confidence about achievements, etc.)


  • The workshop begins with a group lecture to discuss methods and examples of good storytelling.
  • Practice 2-3 questions with peers.Students are given 3 minutes to develop the first story based on examples. After the 3 minutes, students practice with their partners which is an opportunity for constructive feedback. Students then revise their stories in 3 minutes and share with the group to receive another round of feedback. The process is repeated with different partners for different stories.
  • The group is provided three popular, industry-agnostic questions (Tell me about yourself/Tell me about a project that you worked on – what was your role and what did you learn from it?/ Give one example of a challenge that you have faced and how you overcame it)


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