Phone and One-Way Interview Clinic

The Art oPhone and One-Way Interview Clinic


Phone and automated interviews (a.k.a., one-way interviews) are the most common forms of screening used by employers nowadays. However, most international students feel uncomfortable with these types of interviews due to the lack of in-person, human interaction, time limitations, and general anxiety. This workshop aims to help students demystify one-way interviews and formulate their winning strategies.


  • Walk students through the typical format and content of one-way interviews and the built-in AI enabled analysis (tone, facial expression, body language, key words, etc.) to rank candidates.
  • Share tips for successful small talk during phone interviews.
  • Provide examples of commonly asked questions and how to prepare for them.
  • Address other key considerations: dress code, room/background, talking to the camera, time management, etc.
  • Practice 2-3 questions by recording directly into their laptops.Working with the instructors and peers and receiving constructive feedback.

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