Networking Clinic

Networking Clinic


Networking is one of the biggest obstacles to finding a job in the U.S. This workshop uses experiential learning to help students visualize the do’s and don’ts of networking by utilizing excerpts of the ChampAmerica video class on  professional networking. Through role play between instructors and peers, students will learn to develop their own networking methods.


  • The professional networking class shows students and professionals demonstrating various scenarios (office visits, conferences, networking conversations in social settings, follow-up meetings, and thank-you emails, etc.)
  • By using the visual teaching tool, students are provided with an opportunity to contrast the “right” and “wrong” ways to network.
  • Students are divided into small groups for role-play exercise because practice makes perfect. It is important for students to be able to navigate career fairs, corporate presentations, etc.
  • Instructors and peers provide constructive feedback and a mutual support system.

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