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A career in the 21st century requires many new skill-sets and adaptive knowledge – Are you prepared for it?

1. Career Exploration Series

What you’ll learn:

+ Related industry knowledge consideration.

+ Typical job interview questions for those fields.

+ Additional career development considerations.

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The career exploration series consists of fourteen(14) career paths:

  • Quantitative trading 
  • Risk management
  • Data science
  • Business analysis
  • Information system management
  • Supply chain engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Software development
  • Product management
  • U.S capital market 
  • PE & VC
  • Non-profit
  • Marketing 
  • Consulting 

It helps those interested in the field gain a high level understanding of these career paths which includes: industry background? How has the industry evolved? What would I be doing in this industry? What are some of the most common interview questions? What is the career path for me in this industry, etc.

2. Networking Series: Real People, Real Examples*

What you’ll learn:

+ Know what networking is and how to find the right people to network with

+ Introduce yourself: learn how to tell an engaging story to start a conversation

+ Discover how to manage a conversation: research, preparation, and value proposition

+ Learn how to confidently hold a conversation with with people you don’t know

+ How to send the proper “Thank you”, follow up, and develop a relationship with members of your network over the long term

*includes Certificate of Completion

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In this series, we are going to focus on 5 aspects of networking:

  • In lesson 1, we will introduce you to where to network and how to initiate a conversation
  • In lessons 2 & 3, we will cover how to manage networking conversations and exchange important information
  • In lesson 4, we will talk about how to conclude a conversation with a punch and how to follow up
  • In lesson 5, we will cover important etiquette in networking


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